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Digi-Ed was founded in 2005 and has been steadily growing since then.

We provide claymation workshops for students, teachers and corporations. Our animators are available for studio work and are dedicated, professional and creative.
Our presenters are all degree qualified professionals from many varied creative fields including design, teaching, music and marketing. It is this combination of creative expertise that allows Digi Ed to focus on its core goal in business. Our belief that engagement is central in all learning tasks or worthwhile experiences underpins all that we do. If you believe in engagement in learning you should examine what Digi Ed has to offer.

Meet Our Staff

Our Animation staff are all extremely creative and have made countless short films.

Steve Towell
Managing Director Presenter and Animator

Ian Clarke
Animator and Presenter

Joanna Banyard
Animator and Presenter

Casey Leeming
Marketing Manager Presenter Animator

Jarred Young
Musician  Presenter Animator