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Ever dreamed of creating the next Wallace & Grommit? Is Nick Park, Spielberg, or George Lucas your idol? With the Ani-Mate team building workshop, your teams' creativity will be unleashed as they create their own Claymation or Stop-Motion Movie.
Animation is a wonderful team building platform. With strict time limits imposed and the pressure mounting for the premiere release of your feature, which team can work together to create a movie worthy of an Oscar. In animation anything is possible and no-one in your team will even need to be in front of the camera.

With Digi Ed’s Team-Building Animation Workshops, your group can create movies in different themes such as:

Product Advertisement
Gain a greater understanding of your companies products.

Safety Videos
Either funny or serious safety issues within your company.

Put yourself in the position of your clients and understand their needs

Just for Fun
Create anything the heart desires.

The group will be tested to work creatively. They will develop relationships with each other in an effort to achieve their time driven goal. Animation encourages the group to imagine the impossible, and then create it. Staff will be able to download their movie through a provided link and play their movies at your dinner function / awards night.

How the Day Works

After an introduction and an explanation of the process, the group will:

Plan the Movie

1. Plan the Movie

Using narrative templates, a short narrative is planned including an Orientation, Complication and Resolution.

Set Design and Clay Modelling

2. Set Design and Clay Modelling

Simple sets are created using A4 coloured paper and oil pastels. Clay characters / puppets are created using coloured modelling clay.

Shoot the Movie

3. Shoot the Movie

Using Apple MacBook Pros and Canon Digital SLR cameras, the group will shoot their claymation movie. It is a simple frame by frame, stopmotion process using Dragon Stop Motion.


4. Editing

Using iMovie, the group will edit their movies. Title, credits, video effects, back ground music and sound effects all can be added to give their movie a professional finish.

DVD to Take Home

5. Download Your Movie

Every group member will be able to download their movie through our website on the same day of your workshop. You will be able to show everyone your masterpiece.

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Hear from our clients

How good is my Movie?

James Oak Hill Drive November 20, 2015

I have never seen the staff so engaged in a work place event. They had a wonderful time and are showing their movies off to everyone.

Heather AMF Bowling November 20, 2015

I have worked at the ABC for 32 years and this is the best day I have ever had at work

Brian ABC September 29, 2015

Do we have to stop for Lunch?

Alex Greenwich Public School November 20, 2015

How good is my Movie?

James Oak Hill Drive November 20, 2015

This is the best day ever!

Sophie Cherrybrook Public School November 20, 2015